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 I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time)

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I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time) Empty
PostSubject: I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time)   I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time) EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 11:01 pm

01. What is an in-game name (IGN) of yours on a primary account?

I Warrior Josh I

02. What is your age? Where are you from?

I am 19 years old, I Live in England

03. Do you have a working microphone and Ventrilo, and a willingness to use them frequently?

I Have Both and Yes I will use ventrillo whenever I am online.

04. Do you understand why we urge regular usage of the guild forums and our guild's Ventrilo server?

Yes I understand why you urge people to use both The forum and the ventrillo regularly.

05. How long have you been playing Guild Wars for?

I have been blaying GuildWars for 13months, however I took a 2-3 month hiatus

06. How often are you able to play Guild Wars now? What time(s) of day?

I play GuildWars whenever I am not otherwise engaged within reality, this usually between 9PM - 3AM GMT

07. Give a DETAILED description of each and every one of your characters: professions, progress through campaigns, acquired skills/elites, etc.. (Anything that will help paint a picture of what we can expect from your Guild Wars account)

I Assassin Josh I - This is my Assassin, Level 20, Completed EOTN/Nightfall, Has access to most elite dungeons, I use my sin mainly to make myself money, I can run to anywhere in EOTN, Before the UW nerf I was able to do Pits/Wastes/Plains and occasionally mountains, I sometimes farm DOA with a Monk hero (I havent done this in a while although I'm sure I could pick it back up again), On a side note I consider myself able to read Wiki therfore able to learn any tank build.

I Dervish Josh I - This is my mule, Level 20, Not completed any games, Doesnt do much bar hold things for me.

I Elementalist Josh I - This is my Elemental, Level 20, Completed 3/4 of EOTN, 8/10 of Nightfall, I mainly use him to feather farm, I am however currently getting him to DOA and the skills required for the shitterflames build as I am very much intrested in helping in any way possible.

I Monk Josh I - This is my Monk, level 20, Completed Prophecies, Half way through all other campaigns, I Mainly use him to 55/600/Smite/Bond, however I do enjoy playing as a healing monk sometimes (although Im not that good at it).

I Necromancer Josh I - In all honesty I dont know why I have him, I belive it was for the 2man underworld team, Level 20, Not completed any games.

I Ranger Josh I - This is my Ranger, Level 20, Failed survivor (Died whilst trapping Smile) Used to trap Z-Keys/Underworld and whereever else applicable.

I Ritualist Josh I - This is my Ritualist, Level 11, Made during the mass spiritspammer fad, Unfortunatly i took my hiatus during the leveling of him and have just never got back round to playing him.

I Warrior Josh I - My Baby, level 20, Completed Factions/Nightfall/EOTN, Have acess to nigh on every dungeon, Used for all purpose areas, Custom Build, Basically a charactor I play to have fun with/help people in team situation/Run where applicable/etc..

08. What experience do you have with speed clears, dungeons, and high-end/elite areas?

UWSC (Pre Skeletons) Chamber/Wastes/Pools/Plains/Pits/Mountains on a good day.
FOWSC (Couple of times)
FOW (Beach Farming)
DOA (Solo + Bonder)
Urgoz (Not Speed Clear, Done once)
Ooze Pit (Couple of times)
Most EOTN Dungeons (Amount Vairies)
Zaishen Elite (Trapping)
PvP (Only during double point events)

09. What are your favorite things to do in the game?

I honestly do enjoy helping people progress through the game, I also enjoy being part of a team during any mission Be it SC or not, That being said i am quite happy plowing through areas on my lonesome but I will always ask if anyone would like to join in.

10. Tell us about your previous guilds: their names (including tags), type of guild they were, your relationship with them (then and now), and your reason for joining and leaving them.

Federation of Heroes [Hero] - Great guild, Learnt alot from the members, Made some good friends, However the guild was dying and did not do higher end areas or encorage people to learn them, I tried my damndist to integrate UWSC/FOWSC/DOA/Elite Dungeons but unfortunatly it did'nt work

Brotherhood Of The Night Watch [SNOW] - Great Guild, Great people, It is a shame the guild never got a footing within GuildWars, However most of the members have come to reside within [Die] so it seems logical for me to apply too.

Silent Horns Never [Die] - From what I have witnessed, Good guild, The reason I left was because I belive I didnt go through the application process properly, Not enabling me to truly be myself and just generally causing people un-needed grief.

11. How did you find out about our guild?

I was told about [Die] by Kristina (Icy Moonstone) And Chris (Sadek ShadowKiller), However please donot make a judgment on my acceptance/denail based on who I know within the guild.

12. What do you think you can bring to our guild and community?

I Belive I can bring a breath of fresh air to the guild, As I have stated above I enjoy helping people wherever I can and I enjoy playing in Team situations.

13. Anything else you want to add?

I am a polite and respectfull person, I will treat you with the upmost respect until I belive I have been disrespected.

Please take the time to consider my application, And I would appreciate it my friendship with certain players within the guild DOESNT play a part towards my admittance/Denail.
The reason for this is, I would like to be accepted for who I am, Not who I know.
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I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time) Empty
PostSubject: Re: I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time)   I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time) EmptyWed Feb 17, 2010 4:21 am

willing to share knowledge and learn SC then /accecpt
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I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time) Empty
PostSubject: Re: I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time)   I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time) EmptyWed Feb 17, 2010 7:23 am

/accept josh ftw
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I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time) Empty
PostSubject: Re: I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time)   I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time) Empty

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I Warrior Josh I (Take 2, srs this time)
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