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Energy [DiE]
Energy [DiE]

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Silent Horns Never [DiE]

Active, Laid-Back, North-American-Based, High-End PvE Guild With Members Worldwide

Guild Focus:
* Mostly High-End Activities, Such As Speed Clears, Balanced-Way, Title-Grinding, Farming, And The Occasional Bit Of PvP.
* Active Guild Forums And Ventrilo Server: Discussions, Contests, And Scheduled Events.
* Stable Environment. Member-Base Is Active With Mostly Everyone Logging In Daily.
* As Many Older Members On The Roster As There Are Young. Maybe More.
* Fun Community To Be A Part Of And Humorous.
* Everybody Matters Here. Members Are Encouraged To Contribute And Help Out.

Website & Forums:


Silent Horns Never [DiE] is a one of the more highly-reputable high-end PvE guilds in GW today. Our guild is a high-end PvE and elite farming community, which specializes in speed clears such as UWSC, FOWSC, DoA SC, Shards Of Orr SC, Bogroot's SC, Other Random Dungeon Speed Clears, and whatever else catches our eye. We specialize in other high-end areas as well, such as balanced-way, title-grinding, other non-SC-related farming runs, and even a tiny bit of PvP here and there. We pride ourselves in being up-to-date with all of the latest and greatest farming and speed clear builds, and we even spend time working on our own variants.

[DiE] is built from a core of people who have been playing GW together for years (and thus, have built up a tremendous bond). This isn't a guild that will completely fall apart or empty into nothing overnight. It's a stable environment with a roster that rarely sees changes for the worse. Although Silent Horns Never [Die] has a medium size roster already, we are recruiting into our guild because there is always room to make new friends, acquaintances, and people to shoot the breeze with over completely random things that have nothing to do with GW. We are serious about our guild recruitment because we want to have as good a roster as possible for the betterment of everyone involved. Make no mistake, however. We are friendly and open. There is a real emphasis on the 'community' aspect here, and not simply on what we can accomplish in-game. This guild isn't a product of just the efforts of the Guild Leader/Officers, but of the time EVERYONE who has worn our guild tag, past and present, has put into it.

Our guild's ventrilo server is packed daily with members, and it's essential not only for in-game communication, but also for having a good time and getting to know one another too. Our guild's forums are busier than most and have become a big part of the overall guild experience. Miss out on ventrilo and/or our forums, miss out on doing nearly 100% of what we do together as a guild. Miss out on ventrilo and/or our forums, miss out on our in-jokes, off-the-wall discussions, and contests and activities designed to bring everyone closer together. We promise that you will enjoy getting to know us, as our member-base includes people of all ages and locations, and encompasses lots of various interests, not just in-game but out.

In some way, shape, or form, the core of this guild plans to move onto Guild Wars 2 together, so we're an ideal home for anyone who is looking to (eventually) go beyond what Guild Wars 1 has to offer.


* This guild has an age requirement of 16 or higher. (No exceptions.) Most importantly, a decent level of maturity that accompanies that age.
* You must be active with Guild Wars and able/willing to play often. We ask that you give a heads up if you are leaving for any length of time. Inactive members are pruned after three weeks.
* A working microphone and Ventrilo are REQUIRED to join, and you are urged to use them regularly.
* Every guild member must register for an account on our guild forums. Guild updates, feedback, contests, and other off-topic things that you won't find in-game make it worth your while to check the forums regularly.
* Several well-developed characters who are at high-end level, game-wise, are required. Your characters must have advancement through most/all of the campaigns, a good assortment of skills for the builds we use and more (regular and PvE skills), all necessary outposts reachable, and knowledge of the areas in general.
* While being a member of this guild, respect should be given not only to other guild members and the alliance, but also to outsiders and PUGs. We are not a guild that tolerates rage-quitting, ripoff artists, whining, bragging, or any other type of behavior that will disrupt our laid-back atmosphere and good standing within the Guild Wars community.
* This is by no means a PG-13 guild, although we do mandate a show of respect when communicating within the alliance. Our humor can be rude and crude, but it's all in fun. As a forewarning, if you can't stomach this type of interaction, this atmosphere will not be a good fit.
* We urge all members to participate and contribute to making this guild an enjoyable place for everyone involved (through vent, guild chat, guild forums, offering help/assistance, giving feedback, etc.).


All new [DiE] members are given a probationary period upon invitation to the guild. Our aim with this is to make sure there wasn't misleading information placed into the recruitment applications. We are dead serious when it comes to our requirements and expectations and want to make sure we are getting exactly who we think we are when sending out those invites. There is no specific timetable for this probationary period. It is all a matter of finding out just how ready for speed clears and/or willing to get up-to-speed new members are, as well as gauging their willingness to use our guild forums and guild's Ventrilo server. It won't take long to notice if new members are capable enough and also attempting to contribute to our guild and community as a whole, which is when we'll act accordingly.

We allow ALL guild members to evaluate our recruitment applications. Everyone's input and feedback is valued here. Depending upon the feedback your application receives, you may be asked onto our guild's Ventrilo server for a follow-up interview.


Guest-posting access is enabled for the Guild Recruitment sub-forum in the Silent Horns Never [DiE] Guild Forums. Please start your own thread in that forum to answer the following application questions. A copy/paste of these questions with the answers underneath is recommended.

01. What is an in-game name (IGN) of yours on a primary account?

02. What is your age? Where are you from?

03. Do you have a working microphone and Ventrilo, and a willingness to use them frequently?

04. Do you understand why we urge regular usage of the guild forums and our guild's Ventrilo server?

05. How long have you been playing Guild Wars for?

06. How often are you able to play Guild Wars now? What time(s) of day?

07. Give a DETAILED description of each and every one of your characters: professions, progress through campaigns, acquired skills/elites, etc.. (Anything that will help paint a picture of what we can expect from your Guild Wars account)

08. What experience do you have with speed clears, dungeons, and high-end/elite areas?

09. What are your favorite things to do in the game?

10. Tell us about your previous guilds: their names (including tags), type of guild they were, your relationship with them (then and now), and your reason for joining and leaving them.

11. How did you find out about our guild?

12. What do you think you can bring to our guild and community?

13. Anything else you want to add?


[DiE] GUILD LEADER: (In-Game Names)
Energy I Am

[Die] GUILD OFFICERS: (In-Game Names)
Great Monk Of Axe
I Gods Last Angel I
Mrs Healing Touch
Lalina Alhass
Orko The Fantastic
Focus The Paket
Blue Bic Lighter
Locust R
Darth Riah
I Hate Healing U

Thanks for your interest, and we hope you find what you're looking for with us !
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