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 [DiE] Officer 101

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Energy [DiE]
Energy [DiE]

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PostSubject: [DiE] Officer 101   [DiE] Officer 101 EmptyFri Dec 04, 2009 10:45 am

1) Activity. The more active you are the better, a few old friends have been demoted because of inactivity. As an officer we expect you to be active and involved. Officers should never be afk for more than 1 week without a valid reason and a written post on our forum in that regards.

2) Recruiting. All officers need to be very active in recruiting. Our guild should run at full capacity most of the times and never really drop less than 55 members total. Officers are expected to help get experienced players they meet in game to join DiE. All officers are expected to check the application section of our forum and respond to applicants. Officers are expected to aid in the interview process of new applicants and to be able to carry our interviews on their own if needs be.

3) Commitment to our guild. Dont expect to be made officer the day you join. You need to prove your commitment to DiE and willingness to play by its rules. No new member will be promoted to an officer before the end of a 3 months probationary period in the guild. All newly promoted officers will be on a a temporary promotion for the first month, their appointment will be revoked if they fall below expectations.

4) Experience. You dont have to know everything in the game to be an officer, but you sure need to have some experience, at least one main char that is well trained in most builds, and finished all campaigns. As well as some experience in end game areas: UW, FoW, TotPK, Urgoz, the Deep, and DoA. As an officer members look up to you and ask you for guidance and builds. Having enough experience to answer their questions should be essential.

5) Helpfulness. As an officer you are expected to help out other guildies, or at least respond to their request for help.

6) Participating in guild activities. Best examples are urgoz , FoW, HA, DoA, UW. We stress the importance of officers joining guild activity. Of course we do not expect all officers to come to every guild run, but the officers are expected to make participation in guild runs a priortity during their playtime. Officers who consistently not participate in guild runs for a prolonged period of time are subject to demotion.

7) If you have any friends or think they will be good for [DiE] refer them to the application process.

A lot of what I mentioned is given. However please note that the officer list is being updated regualrly. And if you fall below our expectations demotions will take place.
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[DiE] Officer 101
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