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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules EmptyFri Nov 13, 2009 11:28 am

General Rules of Guild and Alliance

1 - be respectful to each other (you will still see some sarcastic and rude comments but that's because alot of the people have known each other for a long time. we are a rude, crude, and socially unexceptable family. however, in the end we are still family)
2 - no duragatory remarks about race, religion, sex, WoW skills (altho these people are open to casual jests) and all that normal stuff
3 - language (ok this one is tricky. we do have kids on but they generally play during the daylight and evening hours. so keep all chat in guild and especially alliance FCC friendly until 10PM Pacific Standard Time. At 10 the little kids should be getting off to bed so its only older crowds online and young adults who could teach even a sailor some new obscene vocab.)
4 - spamming (if you need to ask for a price check we preffer that you ask in guild as opposed to alliance chat. if you wish to ask in alliance about PC, WTS, WTB, LFG, etc. please only do so once. if you spam more than that it becomes too hectic for the people we have in the alliance.)
5 - begging (generally doont do it. if you need to get a skill and are short 400 gold or something its ok to ask but for the love of god dont keep asking and asking and asking and asking. everyone works really hard for their money and we are very generous but if people start to feel that their generosity is being taken advantage of .... well you get the pic.)
6 - bad days (ok, everyone has ocasional bad days and gets online to vent. please keep in mind that almost everyone gets on so they can have fun. if you just need people who can listen, no prob. but dont take your aggression out on people who really had nothing to do w/ whatever issue you logged on with.)
7 - honest noobness (ok this one is just for ease of working together. if you are new to how we run a build or new to an area just let us know. unless there is some other factor involved we wont turn you away. we have no problem helping people to understand whats going on. you just have to be willing to learn something new (even if it conflicts with your normal game-play style) and generally be a good student. we all have alot to teach each other and nobody in the game knows "everything" even tho they act like they do or think they do. we like teaching "noobs" because total noobs make the best pros, so dont be afraid to say if you are ever unsure.
8 - if you are going to be offline for a while post it in the forum (we constantly rotate people who disappear for more active members. its just the cycle of life, but if you give us warning that you plan on being gone for school, work, vacation, etc. we wont swap you with someone who plays religiously.)

ok so thats about it and other than that just use general social rules for polite behavior and have fun

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Guild Rules
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