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 Die Code Of Conduct

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Energy [DiE]

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PostSubject: Die Code Of Conduct   Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:56 am

1- We will be respectful to each other.

2- We will make no derogatory remarks about race, religion, color or sexual remarks,
ethnic background, or take out our aggression on our guild or alliance.

3- We will keep language in the alliance chat clean and free of spam.

4- We will not beg for freebies or assistance.

5- We will give our best effort in any guild activity we join. Failure is not an option. No Rage Quiting.

6- We will not participate in any attempt to scam other players.

7- We will be active players and inform the guild leader / officers incase of
anticipated prolonged afkness.
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Die Code Of Conduct
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